The Management & the whole team of Hassan Textiles is highly committed to provide the quality products & services to its customers by utilizing all available resources & maximum energy levels. Hassan Textiles motto is to “Produce Right Quality on Right Time at Right Price”. To achieve this goal Hassan Textiles is striving not only to equip its facilities with state of art technology, but also to invest among the coworkers’ education; so they could help Hassan Textiles to become a hallmark in the industry. The Coworkers are valuable asset of Hassan Textiles and management strongly believes in them. Only they can achieve all the goals set by management.

Hassan Textiles is a socially responsible organization. We do regard & give vale to local & international labor laws and committed to comply and practice of these laws through out our organization; by utilizing all available resources, continuous workers’ education and dedicated team. We strongly believe and convinced that physically, mentally satisfied & rewarding workers can produce excellent results which ultimately benefit to organization in long run. At Hassan Textiles we are striving to produce ethically compliant products by ensuring compliance in following areas and work towards continuous improvements.
At Hassan Textiles; our goal is to become market leader by offering products at Right Price with Right Quality at Right Time so our name should turn into hallmark for industry in terms of Innovation, Quality & Services. We can achieve this goal with positive attitudes, broad thinking, acceptability, flexibility & adaptability.
Hassan Textiles is concerned with impacts on Environment; to National Environmental Quality Standards it utilize its limited resources towards improvement of it processs & minimize impact on environment. AT Hassan Textiles environmental improvement is a continues improvement program & we not only invests to make process cleaner but also educates it coworkers to help us to keep alive our only source of living. Hassan Textiles always obliges & seeks help from its customers, business associates & employees in this area & welcomes their suggestion, finding & audit results for future improvements.