About Us

HASSAN TEXTILES manufactures Terry products – and we love what we do. We are a family run enterprise established in 2002, that after initial years of struggle has finally stepped on to the global arena. As a small yet effective team, we aspire to deliver the best to those who seek the best, at fair recompose to ourselves and our team of dedicated professional and workers.

Our goal is to create work that is honest and solution that are creative. We value Your time and money. We manufactures with the belief that process and collaboration are as exciting and fun as the end result. We seek to change perceptions and contribute positively to our community specifically, and communities at large generally – both human and otherwise.

We are committed to manufacturing the best institutional, retail and value added by using the highest quality yarns, consistent and controlled processes with a stringent product inspection cycle at each stage using Quality Management System techniques of ISO 9001:2008. We strive to give on time deliveries to help our customers meet time- bound and shelving schedules.

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